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2021 VCTM Outreach Webinars

We are excited to offer a series of webinars BY Virginia teachers FOR Virginia teachers. Open the links below to register for the webinars. Sign up for as many of them as you want to!

These webinars are completely free, but are only available to VCTM members. If you're not a member, you can join today to take advantage of this opportunity.

Webinars scheduled for March 2, 3:00 - 4:00

Webinars scheduled for March 2, 4:00 - 5:00

Webinars scheduled for March 2, 5:00 - 6:00

Webinars scheduled for March 2, 6:00 - 7:00

Webinars scheduled for March 2, 7:00 - 8:00

March 2, 3:00 - 4:00

Specially Designed Instruction for Practical Problems

Erin Craddock - Loudoun County Public Schools

Grade Band: K - 5

This session will focus on addressing IEP goals focused on mastery of problem-solving skills. Participants will review the vertical articulation of problem-solving standards in Grades K-5, explore documents for specially designed instruction and the 6-steps to problem solving framework, and practice instructional strategies that focus on meaning-making, using representational bar models, and a graphic organizer to solve story problems.

Getting Students Involved, Engaged and Checked In

Stacy Sefton - Loudoun County Public Schools

Grade Band: 6 - 12

We are all tired of looking at blank screens and talking to ourselves during instruction. Add to your existing tool box some quick and easy ways to get your kids involved, promote student engagement and frequently check in with your class. Learn one day and implement the next!

Increasing Engagement in Math Instruction with Digital Media

Lindsey Horner - WHRO Public Media
Courtney Martin - Suffolk Public Schools

Grade Band: 6 - 12

How do you make your math content more engaging, diverse, and relevant to today’s digital learners? eMediaVA is a free digital content library for Virginia educators, featuring over 150,000 digital learning resources from state and national leaders in educational content. The goal of this session is to share strategies and resources available in eMediaVA to successfully integrate digital media into math instruction to both engage learners and make your content relevant to students’ lives and experiences. Educators will leave the session with ready-to-use digital media like videos, simulations, and interactives.

Supporting Our Marginalized Students (with Our Hearts and Our Minds)

Emily Redding - Montgomery County Public Schools

Grade Band: 6 - 12

Every student deserves to learn in a safe environment. However, research has shown the stereotypes and biases that teachers bring into the room, often unconsciously, threaten the safety of many of our students. Come and learn how to assess implicit bias honestly and curiously within ourselves, how to address common stereotypes educators have for marginalized students, and how to take daily efforts to walk in everyday antiracism in your class.

Whole group and individual instruction with Whiteboard.chat

Fallon Graham - Chesapeake Public Schools

Grade Band: 9 - 12

Virtual white boards give educators the opportunity to increase student engagement and collaboration while delivering instruction on new content. However, whole group collaboration may be intimidating to some of your students, diminishing their participation. Whiteboard.chat gives teachers the best of both worlds. Instructors can seamlessly toggle between a whole group collaborative board and individual user boards. Collaborate on one board or monitor individual work. The choice is yours.

Facilitating Math Talk with English Learners Using Digital Tools

Suzanne Buhner - Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Grade Band: K - 2

During this session participants will explore ways to develop "math talk" with young English learners. Participants will be participating in experiences with Google Jamboard, Wyborney's Esti-Mysteries and traditional Math Talks. We will share visual cueing systems as well as dialogue about how to choose just right activities.

March 2, 4:00 - 5:00

Effective Strategies for Secondary Math Students With Disabilities (SWD)

Emily Redding - Montgomery County Public Schools

Grade Band: 6 - 12

While we want every child to be successful, it can feel overwhelming to fill in the multiple learning gaps, in addition to the unique needs of our students with disabilities. This workshop will explore effective strategies, such as co-teaching, manipulatives, chunking, visual representation, and more that will help these students to be successful.

Packaging Quizizz for Pretest, Practice, & Formative Assessments

Tiffany L. Wilson - Fairfax County Public Schools

Grade Band: 9-12

Have you ever spent an afternoon grading papers only to realize the students completely misunderstood the concept? Whether virtually or in person, lessons must be packaged to engage the learner while also informing instructors on the present level of understanding. Quizizz is a great platform to present lessons while getting immediate data to drive instruction while presenting. Learn how to use Quizizz to engage students while Pre-testing, presenting your standard, and use formative assessments in the same day!

Linear Functions and Desmos

Todd Gasparello- Chesterfield County Public Schools

Grade Band: 6 - 12

In this session, we will use the Desmos graphing calculator and Desmos activity builder to build an understanding of teaching and discovering linear functions in a virtual or in-person setting. We will create interactive graph templates with the Desmos graphing calculator and use those templates in Desmos activity builder to create activities that encourage student discussion and explanation.

March 2, 5:00 - 6:00

Math routines for distance learning

Theresa Wills - George Mason University

Grade Band: 6 - 12

Engage in math routines that will get your students participating during your virtual class.

March 2, 6:00 - 7:00

Virtual Tutoring - What's Working?

Tracy Proffitt - Lynchburg City Schools

Grade Band: 3 - 5

Are you meeting with students one-on-one via Zoom, Google Meet, etc. to supplement your regular instruction? This session will explore tools and strategies for individual or small group math tutoring.

March 2, 7:00 - 8:00

Project Based Learning in the Classroom

Sarah Matthews and Scarlett Kibler - Frederick County Public Schools

Grade Band: K - 5

Join us to discuss the difference between Project Based Learning and Math Rich Tasks. What are the components and how can you integrate them into your instruction each day? We will share project ideas that align with the VA mathematical and technology standard, as well as, provide time to design your own to meet your students' needs to make and take.

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